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Adding ℗ and © copyright information

Copyright information is important to get right. For those unfamiliar with what the different copyrights are (and who holds them) this can be tricky.

This article will explain the difference between ℗ and © copyright, and how you can add the correct information to your release.

Adding Copyright information

Copyright information can be added when you create your new release or edit the release level information. 

The ℗ Copyright Notice

The P in this copyright refers to "phonogram" and this text describes the rights-holder of the actual sound recordings associated with tracks on a release.

The © Copyright Notice

This copyright describes the person or company who owns the rights to the album packaging, such as the cover artwork. Historically, it also covered other printed material which may have been included in CD, Vinyl or Cassette formats. 

What should I add in each copyright text?

If the release is controlled by a Record Label, then it is most likely that this label owns these rights. In this case, add the labels company name.

If the release is being distributed without a Record Label, it is typically the band, group or artist which controls these copyrights - in which case, you can add their name here. 

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