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Help with metadata

When you upload and create your digital release on Record Union you will need to add metadata. Put simply, metadata is information attached to your tracks and releases which is then delivered along with your releases to the different digital services. As you probably can imagine, its good to add this info right.

Note that a lot of this data is actually optional.

Metadata can be split up into two main categories - Track metadata and Release metadata. Track metadata is for - you guessed it - your tracks! Release metadata is that provided for your single, EP or album release.

General metadata

Title*: The title of the track.

Version: If the track has different versions (such as “extended club mix" or “radio edit") you can cite this version here. Note: Version information WILL be displayed next to your track name on our partners.

Genre*: This is the main genre of your track, which must be selected from the genres given in the list.

Label: If you are a record label add your name here. If this release is not under a label then leave this field blank and the primary artist of your release will be shown as the label name.

Catalog Number: A catalog number is sometimes used by labels to identify a specific releases in their catalog. If you have a catalog number for this release then feel free to add it.

UPC Code*: This is the UPC or EAN number for your release. Don't have one? We can generate one for you.

Primary Artist: The main artist on your release.

ISRC*: The “international standard record code". If you have your own ISRC fill it in here, otherwise Record Union will generate one for you.

Release metadata

When you create a release you will see an explanation of each metadata in the "Help Tool" provided. This should give you all the information you require.

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